Don’t Throw The Day Away

31 Jan

Right when the bass kicks in at the beginning of Peter Stringer – Hye’s “Throw Away The Day ,” one can tell there is something ultimately retro about to start. And once Stringer – Hye’s voice shines through there is no doubting that one has stumbled upon a gem of a tune.

In many ways, the easy going melody and the soothing quality of Stringer-Hye’s voice recalls Simon and Garfunkel especially the tune “I Am a Rock.” But the song also sounds like something Mike Nesmith or Micky Dolenz from The Monkees could have cranked out. There’s something just a little bit trippy and country about this tune, but it is definitely 100% retro.

The verses are just as compelling as the chorus and that is the sign of just a plain good track. Coupled with some killer lyrics, and a falsetto that is like a dream wrapped in a cloud, the end result is a song that any retro music enthusiast will have plenty to feel joyful about. “Throw away the day/the night lasts forever” Stringer-Hye repeats on the chorus in such a blissful manner that listeners can’t help but feel like they’ve been transported back to the 60s.

Critics and people in general often say that in this day and age they just don’t make music like they used to. And while for the most part I tend to agree, when one discovers an authentic artist who puts out music that sounds like it could have come from a classic era, it just goes to show that classic music is still being made.

Discography: Sunday Girls EP (2015)



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