What It Is

14 Feb


Any track Pete Molinari releases is like opening a time capsule from the 60s-70s but that timeless essence is really captured on “What I Am I Am.” Channeling George Harrison, the track would fit perfectly on All Things Must Pass. A cross between “My Sweet Lord” and “If Not For You,” Molinari has a certain retro air about himself that carries over to his music.

This particular song has a twangy feeling from the instrumentation to the tone of Molinari’s voice. It’s sweeping and glides along with such an effortless charm that it is impossible not to fall in love with this track. There’s quite a lot going on in the background instrumentation, from rattling percussion to tinkling piano, and there is even an extended solely musical portion that ends the song, but it never takes away from Molinari himself. His vocal performance is a bit George Harrison, but also has some Bob Dylan, and John Lennon to it. Perhaps it is this mix that helps “What I Am I Am” propel itself into throwback territory.

The melody of the chorus, as well as the content of the entire tune, suits that All Things Must Pass feel. “Here what I say/Let your love stream forth my way/ My Lord/Sweet Lord.” There is such a spiritual vibe to this track that I would bet Harrison would give his approval to if he were still alive. And I don’t say that lightly. If you’re looking for something to help cure the absence of Harrison’s masterpiece album, check out “What I Am I Am” and maybe your heart will start to heal.

Discography: A Train Bound for Glory (2010), Theosophy (2014).

Official Website: http://www.petemolinari.com/



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