21 Feb

Ah, the cover song. A chance to hear a song like never before. Take internet sensations Postmodern Jukebox or even The Baseballs. They have mastered taking popular songs and making them sound retro. But what happens when the original artist reimagines one of their very modern hit songs as something all together from another period of time? Well in the case of this retooled version by DNCE of their hit “Cake By The Ocean” for the Grease Live special blows the original out of the water.

The song itself is the ultimate guilty pleasure, a tune with an unquestionably catchy melody that cancels out the subpar lyrics. But in this version more than half of the lyrics are cut out to fit the throwback theme. What is left is the first verse and the chorus that is repeated while there are long instrumental musical interludes. And it’s perfect.

Lead singer Joe Jonas proves that he has the vocal abilities of a performer that has a lot of range. When he hits the falsetto on the chorus one can’t help but swoon. You can totally picture couples slow dancing to this in the 50s. He turns into something of a crooner and turns the song upside down into the kind of tune that doesn’t feel so much like a guilty pleasure, but just a pleasure.

And for that I say, thank you DNCE.

Discography: Swaay EP (2015).

Official Website:



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