He Came, He Sang, He Conquered

28 Feb

Sometimes you hear a song and it immediately sounds retro. Sometimes it takes a few listens to feel the throwback vibe. With Christopher the Conquered’s “I’m Not That Famous Yet” the 70s feel has to sink in for a while before you can proclaim it as a retro sound.

There is no denying the writing or vocal talents of Christopher the Conquered, and the behind the piano exterior that Christopher the Conquered projects gives off some Elton John comparisons, like “Your Song.”

The glorious piano introduction sounds like something that could be played during a church service. It has a regal feeling to it, so it is most surprising when the vocals begin and bring a quiet a subtle touch to the song. As said before, Christopher The Conquered is a master storyteller, all he needs is a piano and his words, and his lyrics shine while still coming across as vulnerable and confident at the same time. “Jealous young guys will look at me as I gracefully dance from coast to coast/I’ll take their girlfriends back to hotel rooms but I’m not that famous yet,” he sings.

Right at the end of the song, just when listeners have settled in, things get taken up a notch as Christopher pushes his vocals in a soulful performance that will have anyone who is listening stand up and take notice. “Everyone will hate me for I’ve become,” he laments with a pain that just effortlessly oozes out of him. With such honesty and simplicity in the production of this song, this is one artist to be on the lookout for.

Discography: I’m Not That Famous Yet (2016)

Official Website: http://www.christophertheconquered.com/



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