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Find The Feeling

27 Mar

“Lost The Feeling” by The Saint Johns is the type of song that not only has a general throwback vibe to it, but with just one listen one can tell what specific band it reminds one of.

It’s impossible not to hear a Fleetwood Mac, say “Little Lies” vibe to this track. With the electric guitar wailing and a slight jangle in the background, The Saint Johns have already in just a quick few moments captured that Fleetwood Mac feeling. When the duo begin to sing their voices pair together in a spectacular fashion, with sassy and truthful lyrics that come together to create a song that authentically feels as if Fleetwood Mac could have written and recorded it decades ago.

Yet the track retains its freshness, in part thanks to the duos vocals which add a modern punch, especially in the chorus. The Saint Johns work seamlessly together to produce a track that is both old and new bringing in retro enthusiasts and modern music fans.

It’s not a feat that every musician can accomplish. And while the rest of The Saint Johns album doesn’t quite retain that throwback song, it makes “Lost The Feeling” that much more of a song to be treasured.

Discography: Dead of Night (2016)

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Your Musical Best Friends

20 Mar

Best Friends “If You Think Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out” is reminiscent of the classic 80s song “What I Like About You” by The Romantics, right from the instrumental opening. But once the lead singer cuts in, the high energy track takes on a more modern The Strokes tone.

It also has a rock/punk feel to it that is carried throughout the whole song. The type of tune that could get any party going, it doesn’t even matter that the lyrics are hard to decipher. That’s part of the magic of the song. Not something you can sing along to but it’s definitely the type of song, like stated before, that will get people on their feet.

Yes, it has that retro element to it, in that The Romantics frantic fast paced “What I Like About You” way, but it sounds modern enough to distinguish itself as a tune that is from the present and not the past.

The mark of any great song, I’ve always believed, is that it should be relatively short. Think of all those Beatles tunes and how they packed a punch in a small amount of time. If The Beatles can do it, so should many other artists and Best Friends demonstrate that in just over two minutes they are able to produce a song that is worthy.

Discography: Hot. Reckless.Totally insane. (2015)

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Retro Music Is Not Gone

12 Mar

Jimmy and the Mustangs “Her Love Is Gone” is dripping with retro vibes. Think Gene Pitney “Town Without Pity.” It starts off with this smoky and mysterious feeling that immediately captures listeners.

When lead singer Jimmy Haddox begins to sing he casts a spell over his audience, deep and intriguing. “I’m hopin, I’m prayin’/love will find a way,” he sings and one can’t help but feel sorrowful for the love that he once knew is now gone. Genuinely retro, with an atmospheric twang, the tune sounds authentic enough to be mistaken as a track from another decade.

The hazy, moody instrumentation adds as much to the song as Haddox’s vocals as it sets the tone for the entire tune. “Her Love is Gone” is the type of song that hits listeners right in the heart and the fact that many listeners will be able to relate to the simple but powerful lyrics only adds to make the track that more memorable.

Haddox portrays a man who is deeply hurt so well that it is easy to feel his pain. This effortless triumph from Haddox matches the effortless instrumentation seamlessly propelling “Her Love is Gone” into one of the new best modern retro songs to be found.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen. I promise you, it will feel like a trip back in time.

Discography: Jimmy and the Mustangs (1984), Another Round (2015)

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