Retro Music Is Not Gone

12 Mar

Jimmy and the Mustangs “Her Love Is Gone” is dripping with retro vibes. Think Gene Pitney “Town Without Pity.” It starts off with this smoky and mysterious feeling that immediately captures listeners.

When lead singer Jimmy Haddox begins to sing he casts a spell over his audience, deep and intriguing. “I’m hopin, I’m prayin’/love will find a way,” he sings and one can’t help but feel sorrowful for the love that he once knew is now gone. Genuinely retro, with an atmospheric twang, the tune sounds authentic enough to be mistaken as a track from another decade.

The hazy, moody instrumentation adds as much to the song as Haddox’s vocals as it sets the tone for the entire tune. “Her Love is Gone” is the type of song that hits listeners right in the heart and the fact that many listeners will be able to relate to the simple but powerful lyrics only adds to make the track that more memorable.

Haddox portrays a man who is deeply hurt so well that it is easy to feel his pain. This effortless triumph from Haddox matches the effortless instrumentation seamlessly propelling “Her Love is Gone” into one of the new best modern retro songs to be found.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen. I promise you, it will feel like a trip back in time.

Discography: Jimmy and the Mustangs (1984), Another Round (2015)

Official Website:


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