Find The Feeling

27 Mar

“Lost The Feeling” by The Saint Johns is the type of song that not only has a general throwback vibe to it, but with just one listen one can tell what specific band it reminds one of.

It’s impossible not to hear a Fleetwood Mac, say “Little Lies” vibe to this track. With the electric guitar wailing and a slight jangle in the background, The Saint Johns have already in just a quick few moments captured that Fleetwood Mac feeling. When the duo begin to sing their voices pair together in a spectacular fashion, with sassy and truthful lyrics that come together to create a song that authentically feels as if Fleetwood Mac could have written and recorded it decades ago.

Yet the track retains its freshness, in part thanks to the duos vocals which add a modern punch, especially in the chorus. The Saint Johns work seamlessly together to produce a track that is both old and new bringing in retro enthusiasts and modern music fans.

It’s not a feat that every musician can accomplish. And while the rest of The Saint Johns album doesn’t quite retain that throwback song, it makes “Lost The Feeling” that much more of a song to be treasured.

Discography: Dead of Night (2016)

Official Website:


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