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People and Poets

17 Apr

The People The Poet’s “Club 27” is retro right from the first time listeners hear the lead singers voice. It’s a mix between Chris Martin of Coldplay, Bono from U2, and Bruce Springsteen but while having retro element in the vocals and the melody of the tune, it is also firmly modern.

The song itself addresses the 27 club in Heaven about all the musicians who tragically died at the age of the 27, and mentions some of the artists by name. It’s pretty sentimental and in another’s hands it could come off as cheesy but The People The Poet make it sound like a sincere tribute to those who have passed.

The main retro element here is in the vocal performance with shades of the 80s to it from the clean cut Bono like tone to the more gruff grit of Bruce Springsteen towards the end of the track. But having this song in 2016 means more than it ever could in the 80s, with more famous musicians having died at the early age of 27.

“Club 27” is an extremely visual song and that may be the best thing the track has going for it. Its lyrics allow the image of this certain special place in Heaven to really come alive.

It’s not the most retro song to be found, but if you listen close enough you can hear the throwback influences.

Discography: Paradise Closed (2016).

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Make Your Week

10 Apr

The Weeklings are known for their British Invasion, Beatles like sound, and in fact have covered one Beatles song that was never released by the band itself called “I’m in Love” made famous in the 60s by The Fourmost.

The Fourmost version has a bit of a surf rock feeling to it, while The Weeklings really put that retro Beatles vibe to it slowing the tempo down quite a bunch and adding jangling guitars and handclaps.

When the Fourmost sing the song it is almost unrecognizable as something the Beatles could have written, but with this modern version, with a new arrangement, it is almost impossible not to hear the Beatles influence on this track.

Those who are familiar with the original version may need to take some time to get used to The Weeklings version, but both interpretations of the track are unique and wonderful in their own way.

The Fourmost really made it their own, but even with turning it into a more Beatles sounding tune, The Weeklings not only get to pay homage to the legendary band, but they get to imagine what the song would have sounded like if The Beatles had ever decided to release it as a single on their own.

Fun, and full of throwback feelings, “I’m In Love” is a great song plain and simple no matter who is singing it.

Discography:The Weeklings (2015)

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That Cosmic Feeling

3 Apr

At almost seven minutes “Cosmic Vice” by Plum is like being in a psychedelic heaven, that one never wants to stop.

It’s hypnotizing and gripping right from the start with its swirling instrumentation and hazy vocals. And of course there’s that retro element involved. Think the smokiness of “You Showed Me” by The  Turtles and “Because” by The Beatles.

Soaring and dipping at just the right moments, it doesn’t even matter that the lyrics are hard to decipher. This isn’t the type of song one would want to sing along to anyway, instead it’s something one wants to sit back and get lost in. In that sense the track is very “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues.

“Cosmic Love” sounds authentically retro, a feat that is always impressive when heard. It drips with such a laid back, easy attitude, melding the vocals and crashing instrumentation together that one cannot help but just stop everything they are doing for six + minutes and chill out.

That state of feeling like one is on a different plane while listening to “Cosmic Vice” also contributes to that psychedelic sound that was made so popular decades ago and helps to add to the genuine vibe of the tune.

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation song, pop on “Cosmic Vice” and let the band do all the work for you.

Discography: Light Years, Dark Years (2015)

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