That Cosmic Feeling

3 Apr

At almost seven minutes “Cosmic Vice” by Plum is like being in a psychedelic heaven, that one never wants to stop.

It’s hypnotizing and gripping right from the start with its swirling instrumentation and hazy vocals. And of course there’s that retro element involved. Think the smokiness of “You Showed Me” by The  Turtles and “Because” by The Beatles.

Soaring and dipping at just the right moments, it doesn’t even matter that the lyrics are hard to decipher. This isn’t the type of song one would want to sing along to anyway, instead it’s something one wants to sit back and get lost in. In that sense the track is very “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues.

“Cosmic Love” sounds authentically retro, a feat that is always impressive when heard. It drips with such a laid back, easy attitude, melding the vocals and crashing instrumentation together that one cannot help but just stop everything they are doing for six + minutes and chill out.

That state of feeling like one is on a different plane while listening to “Cosmic Vice” also contributes to that psychedelic sound that was made so popular decades ago and helps to add to the genuine vibe of the tune.

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation song, pop on “Cosmic Vice” and let the band do all the work for you.

Discography: Light Years, Dark Years (2015)

Official Website:


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