Taken by the Music

1 May

Once you hear it you can’t not hear it. “Only You” by Taken by Trees shares some of its melody with “Rhythm of the Rain” by The Cascades from the early 60s. Victoria Bergsman with her gentle, unassuming voice, also has some retro shades to it, but it’s really the melody here that makes the song have a throwback feeling.

“Only You,” is simple and delicate in the best ways possible with a slight calypso instrumentation that might make one feel like they are relaxing beachside. This worldly element of the track helps bring it into the modern era and also solidifies itself as its own song. It’s lo-fi the way it’s supposed to be done, with Bergsman bringing an absolute chill feeling to the track.

The resemblance to “Rhythm of the Rain,” might not have been intentional, and many may not even pick up on the similarities as it is not carried on throughout the whole song, but it is still there and makes the tune quite special. So while most of the general populace can listen to this song and not hear a retro element to it at all, others will pick up on it right away. And once it is heard it is impossible to ignore, but that doesn’t take away from the originality of the track, in fact it helps make it more unique.

Discography: Open Field (2007),  East of Eden (2009), Other Worlds (2012).

Official Website: http://secretlycanadian.com/artist/?name=takenbytrees

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