Somewhere Retro

8 May

By now Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have well become a household name with their unique blend of alternative folk rock, but on their latest album Person A, they delve into some classic retro territory on the tune “Somewhere.”

Right from the first opening strums of the guitar, there is an immediate resemblance to The Beatles masterpiece “Here Comes the Sun.” It eventually blends into the rest of the track on the verses, but shines in all its retro glory when it is heard on its own. The vocals are light and airy and give the song a magical quality, something that “Here Comes the Sun” also possesses.

There’s no denying that this track is a little slice of heavenly pie that has an overabundance of sweetness to it, but it never comes off saccharine. Mostly it carries an air of hope, a message that “Here Comes the Sun” demonstrated as well. The two tunes may have different content but with the repetitiveness of “I believe we’re going somewhere,” on the Magnetic Zeros tune one can’t help but still feel the same kind of joy that The Beatles track encapsulated so well.

“Somewhere” is the perfect song to listen to at night right before you drift to sleep, with pleasant notions on your mind hopefully carrying over to your dreams. Or even first thing in the morning when you wake up. Either way, if you’re ever feeling a bit of despair, crank up “Somewhere” and be transported to a place where good things are not too far out of reach.

Discography: Up From Below (2009), Here (2012) Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (2013), PersonA (2016).

Official Website:


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