Move With Dylan LeBlanc

22 May


There’s a soft retro jangle that starts immediately on Dylan LeBlanc’s “I’m Moving On” and by the time the song reaches its chorus there is no denying the throwback vibes.

The song is quiet and unassuming, gentle but commanding when it needs to be and that is due much to the swoon worthy instrumentation that swells in the right places, strings making everything a bit more melancholy and sweeter. But it’s also due to LeBlanc’s fantastic vocal performance that is reminiscent of Roy Orbison’s many hits, but especially “Falling

It moves along at a very steady pace and while the content is sorrowful one can’t help but feel soothed while listening to the track because it sails along so effortlessly. Letting LeBlanc showcase himself as a brilliant singer and songwriter makes the track even more worthy to listen to. The throwback vibes to this song come naturally to LeBlanc. Whether he set out to create something that had a retro element to it is up for speculation, but it doesn’t matter because that craving of decades gone past comes so inherently to LeBlanc that one shouldn’t stop and think too long on the matter but just enjoy the magic at hand.

“I’m Moving On,” is the perfect ballad to listen to if you’re in a fractured relationship, or if you’re just getting out of a relationship. And even if you’re not and just like a good song, this one is for you too.

Discography: Paupers Field (2010), Cast The Same Old Shadow (2012), Cautionary Tale (2016).

Official Website:

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