Godspeed to Jenny Lewis

29 May

Jenny Lewis is already an established artist in the music world and songs like “Godspeed” shows why she is such a celebrated musician. There’s an undeniable retro feeling to the song, especially in its melody which has a bit of John Lennon’s “Mind Games” to it

But it’s more than just the melody that has a familiar ring to it. Lewis’ voice is gentle and delicate and has a sweet 50s or 60s songstress to it. It’s almost impossible not to fall under Lewis’ spell as she croons soulfully throughout the track.

Like “Mind Games” it balances being a pop work of art while carrying a lot of soul, making it more than just a simple pop song. The percussion keeps the song moving along at a pace that is slightly faster than a slow tempo ballad and the main piano instrumentation helps give the song the fragility it begs for in its lyrics.

And while Lewis’ voice has an earlier throwback appeal, the tune definitely dips its toe into the 70s eras. And it is the contrast of both those elements that brings a modern sound to the song, keeping it current.

If John Lennon were still alive today I would have loved to hear him cover this song. But while that can never come to be, we can still appreciate what Lewis has brought into the world with “Godspeed”

Solo Discography: Rabbit Fur Coat (2006), Acid Tongue (2008), The Voyager (2014)

Official Website: http://www.jennylewis.com/


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