Me and the Monkees

19 Jun

The Monkees are back with their latest studio album to celebrate their 50th anniversary and the album entitled Good Times features the best song of 2016 thus far.

“Me and Magdalena” written by Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie has delivered a beautiful and haunting tune to The Monkees that spans decades. Though it definitely is rooted in the modern era, it could just have easily been released in the 60s.

Mike Nesmith takes the lead vocals here while Micky Dolenz adds harmony and the result is heavenly. Obviously these guys have been around for a while and know how to craft the perfect pop song, but this ballad takes on a more serious subject matter leaving a melancholy feeling in listeners making it more than just a standard pop song.

Though much of the credit goes to credit to Gibbard for the lyrics, it would be nothing if Nesmith and Dolenz weren’t able to deliver and portray the emotions of the song so eloquently. With the instrumentation being mostly piano with a slight percussion backbeat it lets Nesmith and Dolenz shine the brightest they have in a while.

It’s the type of song that is ageless and something both new and old fans of The Monkees can enjoy.


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