Step Up to BRONCHO

26 Jun

Right from the first few seconds of BRONCHO’S “Two Step” one can hear a similar melody to the cavaliers “Last Kiss.” This is repeated throughout the song and brings a very modern track a retro vibe that those in tune with the music scene of decades ago will hear straight away.

The lyrics are muddled but that doesn’t take away the enjoyment of the song, as it’s the type of track that one can just sit back, close their eyes, and drift away to. Even though it’s impossible to tell what the song is about the vocals are so mellow and have a bit of a throwback vibe to it that it doesn’t matter.

Clearly “Two Step” is firmly planted in the modern times with its hazy instrumentation and vocals, and it works well as a new tune in 2016, but with that “Last Kiss” vibe it brings back memories of times when the world was seemingly simpler.

From start to finish BRONCHOS have created a polished, memorable, song that forays just slightly into a retro formula. If you aren’t familiar with “Last Kiss” you won’t hear that element and the song will work just fine, but if one is in tune with songs from yesteryear, the nod, intentional or not to the cavaliers, will be an added bonus.

Discography: Just Hip Enough to be a Woman (2014), Double Vanity (2016)

Official Website:



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