Wake up with Lucius

3 Jul

Lucius cover of Bleachers “Wake Me” is unlike any cover song. The modern band takes an already modern song and turns it into something so completely retro. It’s the type of thing internet famous Postmodern Jukebox might have come up it, except Lucius are an already establish band.

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Right from the start listeners will feel they are about to hear something special. The melody from the original retains but is drawn out, making it fuller, and brings to mind the girl groups of the 1960s. In fact it feels so authentic that one might mistake it as a song that was recorded decades ago.

The vocals are pitch perfect, easy to listen to and may put listeners in a dream like trance they will never want to wake up from. Putting this version next to the original, it’s hands down more interesting and layered than what Bleachers put out, at least to this reviewers ears. The two put side to side are almost recognizable and Lucius deserves all the praise for this arrangement , as that is where the secret of this covers success really lies.

To hear something modern and reimagine it as something from a golden era of music is special, and to pull it off as easily as Lucius does is something to marvel at.

Discography: Wildewoman (2013), Good Grief (2016)

Official Website: http://www.ilovelucius.com/



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