Go Down the Musical Hallway

14 Aug

Corbu’s “Neon Hallway” is an alternative music lovers dream turned reality. It basks in a full synth 80s glow, borrowing a bit from the pages of Tears for Fears “Head Over Heels,” especially when a higher register of vocals is displayed, and a bit in the melody.

It’s electronic and still manages to sound modern even with the heavily influenced new wave vibe, though no one could be at fault if one thought it was a song that was released a few decades back. The layering of sound on the track makes it dynamic and rich in texture and the pulsating beat makes it perfect to dance to.

There’s a bit of a trippy 60s nod in the song, but it isn’t entirely prevalent enough and that is ok, as Corbu seems to really hit their stride with the 80s sound. The vocals are light and has some great lyrics such as “there you are giving me no expression.”

All the individual elements come together to culminate a fantastic homage to the retro sound of years before, but also at the same time a great modern dance song. But still, this reviewer can’t help but imagine it on the Donnie Darko soundtrack fitting in perfectly with the other 80s classics.

Discography: Crayon Soul (2016)

Official Website: http://www.corbucorbu.com


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