A Song For You

28 Aug

Thomas Charlie Pedersen’s “For You” has a striking resemblance to The Beatles “Blackbird” in the melody of the simple guitar instrumentation. In fact if one didn’t know that they were listening to a new song one could easily mistake it for “Blackbird.” Intentional or not it’s hard to believe it wasn’t an influence on the song.

The tune itself carries a church hymn like quality “heal my wounds/soothe my soul,” Pedersen sings with a purity in his voice that is nothing short of angelic. Did I mention that his vocals also sound a bit like Paul McCartney which only adds to the retro aspect of the tune? And that its structure and content sound like something McCartney could have written and performed himself?

But Pedersen does make the song his own by bringing a traditional sound to the tune, almost as if this song and its story has been passed down through the ages since the beginning of time making the track very memorable and special.

So while it does have some 60s and 70s vibes to it the throwback element really reaches back to time itself and that is something that is rare to come across in a song.

Pedersen is extremely talented and is able to authentically write and deliver a song that people of all ages can enjoy and appreciate.

Discography: Second Hand War (2016)



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