Get Lost with Marlon Williams

11 Sep

If you haven’t heard of Marlon Williams, let me introduce you to his music. The brilliant singer/songwriter dabbles into many different genres on his debut LP, but one of the best songs is a complete retro throwback.

“I’m Lost Without You” has a slow doo wop beat with strings and soaring vocals from Williams akin to The Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin.” Both songs are rich and full and lush and are incredibly haunting. Williams has created a masterpiece around a notion that has been around since the beginning of pop music: lost love but with a modern twist. “If you break my heart again I’ll just hate you,” he croons with an Elvis Presley swagger, a voice that authentically sounds like it could have been blasting from your radio speakers in the 50s or 60s.

It’s this melding of 2016 commanding, albeit harsh lyrics, with Williams timeless voice that help make it one of the best tunes of the year. The doo wop, torch ballad style of song is perfect to slow dance to and with chilling background vocals that literally gave this reviewer goosebumps it’s easy to see why this track is so magnificent.

Though Williams covers everything from country to alternative on his record, “I’m Lost Without You,” has the most genuine vintage sound making it a standout track of the year.

Discography: Marlon Williams (2016).

Official Website:


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