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18 Sep

Julia Jacklin’s “Leadlight” is something almost every retro enthusiast will fall head over heels for. It’s very much done in a torch singer style, think Lesley Gore “You Don’t Own Me,” with a modern day Lana Del Rey twist.

It has that slow burning background instrumentation that at just the right tempo lets Jacklin shine, and when she opens her mouth to utter the first few notes one can’t help but hear the full throwback f tone to her voice. The melody of the song also has that retro feel, but it stands firmly planted in 2016 with shades of singer songwriter Lissie thrown into the mix.

These days the song would be classified as alternative but back in the 60s this would have been pure soulful pop. But it doesn’t matter what you categorize “Leadlight” under, it’s an incredible song from start to finish plain and simple.

Jacklin’s voice is less pure than Gore and has a bit of a Stevie Nicks vibe and it is this mixture that works so well on the song and balances itself out being both sweet and edgy at the same time.

It shows the promise of what Jacklin has in store for listeners on her debut album out in October, and one can only hope there is more retro inspired songs on the LP.

Discography: Don’t Let the Kids Win (2016)

Official Website:



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