The 80s are alive

25 Sep

Upon first hearing Cold Showers “Only Human” one might think it is an updated cover of an 80s song. It feels like it belongs in the era, melding together many great songs of the decade. Most clearly it resembles The Smiths “How Soon Is Now” both in melody and in the vocals. It’s hard to imagine this tune wasn’t inspired by the Smiths song, especially when the title eludes to a line in “How Soon Is Now.”

It sounds authentically retro, industrial alternative with a slight touch of pop, and never ever feels derivative of music that has already been made in past decades. In fact, with such dedication to detail of throwback tunes of the 80s, it is undeniably refreshing in todays musical landscape. A lot of retro inspired songs from that era go into the mainstream new wave movement, but this veers off center into darker territory and it does so well and with honesty.

The fact that it feels like a conglomeration of other tunes is in no way a dig at the song, but rather a huge compliment. Whether it was just by osmosis of 80s tunes, or if directly influenced, Cold Showers have produced a song that feels genuine and not repetitive. It’s the spirit of the song that carries it along, and that is something the band should be proud of.

Discography: Love and Regret (2012), Matter of Choice (2015).

Official Website:



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