The Music Room

9 Oct

John Paul White, formerly of the duo The Civil Wars, recently released a magnificent solo album entitled Beulah. On the record he worked with The Secret Sisters who provide background vocals to many of the tracks, and who went on tour with him to promote the LP.

At their live shows the group covered The Beach Boys “In My Room,” and it may be one of the greatest covers ever to exist.

The structure is the same, as are the melodies and harmonies. White takes up lead vocals and the secret sisters provide the harmonies much as they do on Beulah. It’s simple and pure, heartfelt, and while this cover brings nothing new to the song, no real changes are made, it is done with such honest intentions and such glorious vocals that it becomes something akin to feeling like one is in Heaven.

The dynamic between having male and female voices on the track does add a little something different to the tune, and this acoustic live cover is just as superb as what the beach boys recorded. These are artists who compliment each other on every note and know how to work together to produce something that is compelling.

On his own, White could have carried the song, but it is the secret sisters who make it all the more special and a song that one shouldn’t miss.

Discography: Beulah (2016).

Official Website:



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