Together with the Lemon Twigs

30 Oct

The Lemon Twigs just released their debut LP and it is full of throwback 60s-70s vibes. The track “As Long as We’re Together” reminds this reviewer of “Watching The Wheels” from John Lennon’s solo years.

It’s striking to hear an artist go all in and embrace the decades that came before and this tune does just that unabashedly and that’s part of what makes it so good. The Lemon Twigs are utterly themselves and that comes across in their music, not paying attention to the trends and instead making the type of songs they want to hear that will satisfy them. But of course it will satisfy many listeners too.

This particular track has quiet verses, slow with background vocals that are downright haunting but by the time the chorus rolls around the fellows punch things up a bit, reaching for their upper register and letting the song get a little more grand. But as soon as the chorus finishes it returns to its unassuming state and it is this contrast that makes an already great tune with terrific lyrics and a retro vibe even better.

Quite frankly “As Long as We’re Together” is a breath of fresh air and one can’t help but applaud the Lemon Twigs for just being themselves.

Discography: Do Hollywood (2016)

Official Website:


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