A Retro Christmas

11 Dec

Kris Allen recently dropped a Christmas album which is a mix of traditional and new holiday songs. “Baby Won’t You Wait Until the New Year” is a retro infused, rocking tune that harkens back to the 50s and is guaranteed to make your holiday party playlist. It has a delightful percussion instrumentation with some festive bells thrown in. As soon as Allen’s voice cuts in, smooth like eggnog, one can’t help but get swept away in t he tune.

It has a doo wop flavor to it, with colorful background vocals, and lyrics that tell the story of a person who wishes their significant other would wait until after Christmas to break up with them so they can enjoy the holiday. It’s a sad song but the peppy beat of the tune carry it along to a fun place. In fact one might get so swept up in the joyous sound of the track that they may forget they are listening to a rather somber song.

The 50s vibe makes this tune a standout Christmas song, from a modern artist who really knows how to craft a throwback influenced song, without ever coming across as trying too hard. While this song may not outright be the most Christmas-y, when one considers that the protagonist of the tune loves Christmas they don’t want anything to ruin it, it takes on a whole different feeling.

Yes, it’s a relationship song, but there is depth here and it’s one of the best Christmas songs of 2016.


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