Musical Staircase

8 Jan

Hysterics “Uptight Staircase” has been a favorite of mine since before its official release in 2007. In every way possible it conjures early Beatles from the lead singer’s Lennon-esque tone, to the background vocals that enhance the tune.

It evokes The Beatles “I Want to Hold your Hand” or “She Loves You,” in its simple melody, but content wise it isn’t as straightforward and innocent. The lyrics are a bit muddled, but one can tell they are far more complicated than The Beatles singing about sweet first love. The imagery is more potent here and it works for the song, bringing the retro feel into a more modern landscape.

Even though this song is ten years old it still holds up, sounding fresh, like it could have been released in 2017. The magic of this track is that throwback element that Hysterics did so well on their debut album. It never feels like a copy of something The Beatles could have created, instead the band uses the british invasion influence to work with their own sound and the outcome is outstanding.

I’m not sure what happened to this band after their debut LP, but it left fans like me wanting more because their 60s spot on sound was something of a treasure to unearth.


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