The Knox Hamilton Association

19 Feb

Knox Hamilton have an album The Heights coming out in March. To hold fans over they have released a track from the forthcoming LP – a cover of the 60s classic “Never My Love” made famous by The Association.

While the original version basks in dreamy instrumentation and soft vocals Knox Hamilton bring their own fresh sound to the tune. It still sounds retro, but not in a 1960s way. Instead the band relies on the synth movement of the 1980s to put the song into 2017 while still borrowing vibes from a past decade. The melody is clear and retained and any fan of the original will be able to recognize the tune, but it is just the right amount of different to update the track while still paying homage to its roots.

The electronic vibe ushers “Never My Love” into the modern landscape but it is also what makes it retro. Lead singer Boots Copeland’s vocals breathe new life into the tune with an energy that is infectious. Covers can be a hard, trying to find the right balance. One wants anyone who is familiar with the original incarnation to still hear the bare bones of the song in the new version, but one also wants it to appeal to an audience that may never have heard the song before in their entire life.

Yes, covers can be hard. But Knox Hamilton make it look easy.

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