Because of Pepper’s Ghost

26 Feb

In the same vein as The Beatles “I’ll Get You” Pepper’s Ghost “Because of her” is a fun song with a jangle that was made famous in the 60s.

The vocals are spot on british invasion inspired which when combined with the instrumentation, focused heavily on guitar with a slight percussion, all add up to make it one of the best examples of a modern song that sounds authentically like it is from the past.

The upbeat tempo keeps the tune moving along at a swift pace while the actual content of the song is in complete contrast as the lead singer croons about fears and tears. This juxtaposition adds to the complexity and charm of the track.

The “Oh’s” that are included in the lyrics also harken back to the Beatles and some might even go as far to think that is a lost song from the fab four. It is an perfect tribute to an era long gone by. All that is missing from it are hand claps.

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