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Broadcast Music

20 Nov

Broadcast’s “I Found the F” with its trippy instrumentation and hazy vocals has some resemblance to The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

It has the psychedelic feeling and like the Beatles is utterly British. It also is spectacularly retro from the lead singer’s delivery to the melody, which is quiet but powerful in its own way. The type of song that could easily fly under the radar, Broadcast makes sure this is a tune you shouldn’t ignore by being interesting and dynamic, blending talking portions with a more melodic mood.

Also interesting to note that like many songs of yesteryear it is well under three minutes, once again proving the fact that musicians don’t need lengthy tunes to create something that sticks and has its own kind of magic.

From start to finish Broadcast captivates the audience with their throwback sound that so many british artists do well. Definitely in that 60s or 70s sound, Broadcast taps into the groovy vibe with such an effortless feel that it is a genuine wonder, probably to many, that this song was created in the early 2000s- 2005, to be exact and not in decades past, the sign of a brilliant modern retro song.