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The Music Room

9 Oct

John Paul White, formerly of the duo The Civil Wars, recently released a magnificent solo album entitled Beulah. On the record he worked with The Secret Sisters who provide background vocals to many of the tracks, and who went on tour with him to promote the LP.

At their live shows the group covered The Beach Boys “In My Room,” and it may be one of the greatest covers ever to exist.

The structure is the same, as are the melodies and harmonies. White takes up lead vocals and the secret sisters provide the harmonies much as they do on Beulah. It’s simple and pure, heartfelt, and while this cover brings nothing new to the song, no real changes are made, it is done with such honest intentions and such glorious vocals that it becomes something akin to feeling like one is in Heaven.

The dynamic between having male and female voices on the track does add a little something different to the tune, and this acoustic live cover is just as superb as what the beach boys recorded. These are artists who compliment each other on every note and know how to work together to produce something that is compelling.

On his own, White could have carried the song, but it is the secret sisters who make it all the more special and a song that one shouldn’t miss.

Discography: Beulah (2016).

Official Website: http://www.johnpaulwhite.com/


In the Sun with Eric Anders

5 Jun

Eric Anders strips down and drastically changes the tone in his cover of The Violent Femmes “Blister in the Sun.” The original peppy tune is almost unrecognizable here as Anders not only slows it down but brings a haunting feeling to the song, especially with his smoky, grungy, vocal delivery and his lyric changes.

For example instead of original lyrics “When I’m out walking/I strut my stuff,” Anders sings “We’ve been talking/it’s not enough.” It’s a very melancholy version of the song and it works on so many levels. It brings another level of meaning to the track and while both versions sound modern even today, the fact that Anders took a song from the 80s and changed it so much yet it still retains some of the original melody shows that the song is timeless and works in any decade.

It’s one of the best covers of any retro song to be heard, with strings only enhancing the new somber mood. And while some fans may be upset with the tweaking of the original lyrics, it really is a necessity with the new tone of the song. If listeners are willing to be open and appreciate new interpretations of classic songs then they will have no problem with Anders cover. In fact some may be able to identify more with Anders version.

Discography: More Regrets (2005), Tethered to the Ground (2006), Big World Abide (2016).

Official Website: http://www.ericanders.com/

Make Your Week

10 Apr

The Weeklings are known for their British Invasion, Beatles like sound, and in fact have covered one Beatles song that was never released by the band itself called “I’m in Love” made famous in the 60s by The Fourmost.

The Fourmost version has a bit of a surf rock feeling to it, while The Weeklings really put that retro Beatles vibe to it slowing the tempo down quite a bunch and adding jangling guitars and handclaps.

When the Fourmost sing the song it is almost unrecognizable as something the Beatles could have written, but with this modern version, with a new arrangement, it is almost impossible not to hear the Beatles influence on this track.

Those who are familiar with the original version may need to take some time to get used to The Weeklings version, but both interpretations of the track are unique and wonderful in their own way.

The Fourmost really made it their own, but even with turning it into a more Beatles sounding tune, The Weeklings not only get to pay homage to the legendary band, but they get to imagine what the song would have sounded like if The Beatles had ever decided to release it as a single on their own.

Fun, and full of throwback feelings, “I’m In Love” is a great song plain and simple no matter who is singing it.

Discography:The Weeklings (2015)

Official Website: http://www.weeklings.com/




21 Feb

Ah, the cover song. A chance to hear a song like never before. Take internet sensations Postmodern Jukebox or even The Baseballs. They have mastered taking popular songs and making them sound retro. But what happens when the original artist reimagines one of their very modern hit songs as something all together from another period of time? Well in the case of this retooled version by DNCE of their hit “Cake By The Ocean” for the Grease Live special blows the original out of the water.

The song itself is the ultimate guilty pleasure, a tune with an unquestionably catchy melody that cancels out the subpar lyrics. But in this version more than half of the lyrics are cut out to fit the throwback theme. What is left is the first verse and the chorus that is repeated while there are long instrumental musical interludes. And it’s perfect.

Lead singer Joe Jonas proves that he has the vocal abilities of a performer that has a lot of range. When he hits the falsetto on the chorus one can’t help but swoon. You can totally picture couples slow dancing to this in the 50s. He turns into something of a crooner and turns the song upside down into the kind of tune that doesn’t feel so much like a guilty pleasure, but just a pleasure.

And for that I say, thank you DNCE.

Discography: Swaay EP (2015).

Official Website:



A Wicked Cover

4 Oct

“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, is a haunting, seductive tune that is still relevant and reaches listeners souls, despite it being released in 1989.

Now in 2015, season seven American Idol winner David Cook is serving up his own rendition that is haunting in a different but just as effective way.

With a simple piano chord as the only instrumentation besides Cook’s voice, Cook manages to strip “Wicked Game” to its bare essence. All attention is on the vocal performance and the lyrics showcasing what a genius song it is to begin with.

There are some echoed voices and muffled electronic sounds that help to bring the tune into the modern era, a little more edgy with Cook’s rock influence, slowed down and a bit industrial feeling. But the nature of the track is still intact.

Already a gut wrenching song, Cook manages to cut deeper into the heart by pulling away the lush instrumentation of the original. It’s the type of cover one would expect of the man who made it his “thing” to radically turn other people’s songs on their heads on American Idol.

The most intimate and satisfactory moment comes at the final lines of the track. Cook’s voice is raw and shaky, almost spoken, as we return back to the simple piano chords. It’s soul crushing and will break your heart in a way that you never realized “Wicked Game” could.

Official Website: http://www.davidcookofficial.com/

Discography: David Cook (2008,) This Loud Morning (2011), Digital Vein (2015)

Give Me a Sweet Cover

16 Aug

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World is stepping out on his own, and is doing so with the help of The Everly Brothers.

Covering “Give Me a Sweetheart,” Adkins version holds the same sweetness of the original but comes off fuller and more gritty. You can tell it is a song rooted in the past,in what some might call a gentler decade, by Adkin’s harmonies, and of course the original lyrics. But while the Everly Brothers version comes off as more quiet and shy in vocals and instrumentation, Adkins brings the tune into 2015 with a his own twist of modernity.

His vocals are louder and stronger which come off as more urging and there is a distorted background instrumentation that starts off right from the beginning and ends with a static that kicks up the level of modernity and edge of Adkins take on the song.

It is a bit more brash, but still retains the same message of the original, just with a bit more force. Staying true to the Everly Brothers, Adkins voice sails and soars effortlessly helping to maintain the sound that the Everly Brothers were going after.

Discography: I Will Go E.P. (2015)

Official Website: http://jimadkins.net/

The Hunt is Over

14 Jul

The Hunts are an indie folk band comprised of seven siblings, and while they have an album full of original tunes to purchase, the one track you won’t find on their LP is the one that should be there.

In a cover of The Beatles “All My Loving” for Youtube, Jenni and Jessi Hunt take the helm and deliver a quiet, yet powerful, rendition of the familiar song that makes you wish these twins would branch out on their own.

The simplicity of a single guitar and two hazy, but sharp ,voices is pure joy to the ears. Though this song has been covered countless times, Jessi and Jenni bring out a somberness tone that even the original couldn’t capture.
This rendition captures a French melancholy sound a la Estella Blain’s Solitude.

How this video only has a little over 4,000 views, I will never understand.

Discography: We Were Young (2012)

Official Website: http://www.thehuntsmusic.com