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Musical Heart

8 Feb

“Heart” by HAERTS comes across as a lost Fleetwood Mac song, somewhere along the lines of “Gypsy.” But it never feels derivative or just a copy. Though lead singer Nini Fabi voice does bare a stunning resemblance to the tone of Stevie Nicks, there is also more of a twang and softness to her voice.

And while it is clear that a throwback vibe exists throughout the song, it could be hard to pinpoint which decade it could have been released in because it suits the 70s-90’s. In that way the “Heart” manages to span decades and pull off a classic sound that might keep first time listeners guessing.

It’s ethereal almost church like, intro, helps set the mood for the gentle track which has just enough of a rock n roll instrumentation to classify it as just that. The harmonies are spot on and pitch perfect every time the chorus rolls around.

At the heart of the “Heart” it is really a singer songwriter’s song that just happens to have a full band backing it. Just like many of the classic Fleetwood Mac.

Discography: Haerts (2014).

Official Website: http://www.haertsmusic.com