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Glory Be To “Gloria”

3 Dec

With a roaring drum roll, an angelic chorus of “ooh’s” and manly grunts, sweedish band Mando Diao burst into your eardrums on their track “Gloria,” in a highly theatrical manner.

Shades of 1960’s pop rock surface in this energizing song, in which co lead singer Björn Dixgård taps into his inner Tom Jones. The gruff growls and vocal Olympics Dixgard brings to the table echo’s Jones many hits

Glittering in over the top vocal and musical licks, “Gloria” delves into the retro rock genre, injecting garage band style with a retro Tom Jones meets The Animals flavor.

One can almost picture women’s undergarments being flung into the air.

Eerily similar to “Gloria” is Jones masterpiece “Delilah” . The lyrics both feature dramatic scenarios where a woman is seen as an object of desire, to the point of murder.

In “Gloria” the Chorus swells:

Gloria alone now forever/Gloria away in the air now/Gloria she’s no longer your slave

She now watches him from “Heaven’s Gate”

The lyrics also allude to the fact that the man has told Gloria many lies in his “freakshow” and is responsible for her misery.

In “Delilah” the songster confesses that he is a slave to a cheating woman who is no good for him.

“But I was lost like a slave that no man could free”

So of course he resorts to murder.

“She stood there laughing/I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more”

Dramatic enough for you?

Discography: Bring Em’ In (2002), Hurricane Bar (2004), Ode to Ochrasy (2006), Never Seen the Light of Day (2007), Give Me Fire (2009)

Official Website: www.Mandodiao.com