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T.V. To Listen To

1 Feb

“In The Mirror” by Public Access T.V. is everything a modern rock n’ roll song with retro influences should be. It is clearly of this era, despite its reliance on the masters of rock from decades past, with its wailing electric guitars and unabashedly brazen vocals. But the undercurrent of retro input is always there, lying just underneath the surface.

It’s the type of garage rock one might expect from a Brooklyn based group, but their blend of new wave and 60s pop-rock holds something special.  Think The Strypes. Think The Living Statues. All bands who are making their way in the music world riding the mod/rock sound of the 60s, but in the case of Public Access T.V., with a 80s sound too.

This tune draws comparisons to the  song “Bad Little Woman” by The Shadows of Knight, while the bands lead singer,in epic fashion, bounces back and forth between channeling John Lennon and Bono.

Punchy and downright fun, brimming with a youthful energy that is simply infectious, it’s clear to see why so many esteemed publications are naming Public Access T.V. as a hot band to watch in 2015.

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/PublicAccessTV