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You and I and James Skelly

24 Aug

Incredibly romantic and flat out retro, James Skelly and The Intenders “You and I” is without a doubt the modern day version of The Drifters “Save The Last Dance For Me.”

The two share closely sounding background melodies, with clinking percussion and playful guitar rhythms. Interchange the lyrics with The Drifter’s tune and vice versa and one can see how they perfectly relate to one another.

But this is not in any way a rip off. Skelly’s voice cuts like a razor through the lush lyrics, growling his way through the gush worthy sentiments. There’s an edge here that you won’t find in “Save The Last Dance.” In fact it is the grit in Skelly’s voice that ultimately sets “You and I” apart from more safe and clean ballads of the of decades past

So grab a partner and slow dance your way into the perfect moment.

Discography: Love Undercover (2013).

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/jamesskellyandtheintenders


Say Hello to Mayer Hawthorne

7 Dec

The opening doo-wop/R &B harmonies of “When I Said Goodbye” by  Mayer Hawthorne, have convinced my own family members that it is a genuineundiscovered 60’s soul song, akin to Smoky Robinson and the Miracles, and The Drifters.

They are shocked to discover the song was released in in 2009.

In 4:08 Mayer Hawthorne delivers, both musically and vocally, what might be the most sincere, authentic retro R&B throwback I have heard.

Hawthorne’s voice is deep and strong, but most of all earnest. You believe he is truly experiencing the pain of a breakup.

Combined with superb back up vocals which smoothly sail in and out of the track, and simple, honest lyrics, “When I Said Goodbye” is a song which successfully ushers the past into the present by paying homage to the great R &B and Doo-Wop bands that are now long gone from the radio waves.

Discography: A Strange Arrangement (2009), How do you Do (2011)

Official Website: http://www.mayerhawthorne.com