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Music for a Winter Night

29 Dec

British based girl group The Pipettes song “A Winter’s Sky” is an ode to a shy girl who meets a boy underneath a winter’s moon. Though it is unclear whether this song is about love or death.

The lead vocals gently glides and shines smoothly over the mid tempo beat.

But it is the perfect harmonization the group delivers throughout out the track, especially on the chorus which makes “A Winter Night” a magical, lullaby.

It is easy to lose oneself in the angelic sounds of the pipettes, as the song capitalizes on the innocence of retro songs such as Shelly Fabraes “Johnny Angel.”

Crawl into bed, get underneath the covers and let The Pipettes sing you to sleep.

Discography: We are the Pipettes (2006). Earth vs. The Pipettes (2010).

Official Website: http://thepipettes.org/