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Rock on Reed

23 Feb

Let’s be honest, the closest thing to a real life time machine is music. We can hear a song, and recall instantly where we were when we first heard that tune. What the decade was like, the fashion, what was trendy. And if a modern song is done right, done to retro perfection, with one listen we can instantly be transported back to the time the song was inspired by.

Such is the case with Eli PaperBoy Reed & The True Loves “I’ll Roll With You.”

With a midtempo beat, horns, a catchy chorus and backing vocals, all mixed together with Reed’s soulful vocal stylings, the song brings back the swagger and style of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles “Tracks of My Tears.”

The deep rooted Motown feel comes across in every note, clear as a bell as Reed yearns for a girl who may be weary of him and his reputation.

“All I want is one sweet girl,” Reed croons, “We don’t need the high class crowd.” It’s the kind of innocent song, with innocent lyrics that takes one back to the 50’s and 60’s, especially with The True Loves backing Reed up.

So if you’re looking to experience the past in a modern number, get ready to be swept away by Eli Reed and The True Loves.

Discography: Roll with You (2008) Come and Get It! (2010)

Official Website: http://www.elipaperboyreed.com


Wake up with The Apache Relay

8 Sep

A humming sound followed by electric guitar and percussion crashing mimicking the cacophony of transitioning from a sound asleep state to one of alertness is the perfect jolt of energy to start The Apache Relay’s “Can’t Wake Up.”

Folk-rock-alternative and soul combine into 4:30 minute musical melting pot. While the tune relies heavily on Americana twang, it is when lead singer (and Bassist) Michael Ford Jr slips into his higher register and r&b soul sound that “Can’t Wake Up” makes you stand up and take notice. Part Smoky Robinson and the Miracles “Tracks of my Tears,” Ford wails and croons so smoothly, one can’t help but wonder what other musical talents he has up his sleeve.

With just a hint of retro soul intertwined within the song “Can’t Wake Up” proves that a little bit of old fashion goes a long way.