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Move Closer to Justin Levinson

29 Jan

The entirety of Justin Levinson’s album Yes Man sounds like it could have been a lost Paul Mcartney and Wings LP. But the song “I’ll Move Closer” is the most charming example.

It’s simple in its lyrics and its construction and that is the beauty of the song. One does not always need big words and complicated instrumentation to make a good song and “I’ll Move Closer” is proof of that. The first few notes with a twanging guitar sounds immediately like something Wings could have released. It borrows a bit of the best of McCartney, a bit “Bluebird” a bit “Junk,” but Levinson’s voice goes back and forth between a more soothing tone to a rougher edge, even a bit John Lennon, sound.

It is gentle and soft, a piano driven tune that is sweet and Levinson makes clichéd lyrics work because he is speaking from the heart. Something McCartney was also a master of.

It comes off as completely authentically retro and one might even mistake it as a cover of a song from long ago. But it was proudly released into the music world in 2017 and the fact that artists are still making music like this is something we should all applaud.


Musical Magic

7 Aug

Andy Shauf’s “The Magician” sounds undeniably retro. It harkens back to something Paul McCartney could have released solo early on or with wings. In fact it brings to mind the beginning, slow building parts of “Band on the Run.”

Shauf wears the singer songwriter brand on his heart and it is impossible not to embrace fully. The instrumentation has that soft McCartney feel which is layered and dynamic, strings rounding out the sound of the song before it even begins, and then when it does actually start, Shauf’s voice is so smooth and easy to listen to. Even his vocals bring to mind McCartney not to mention the way the tune is structured.

“The Magician” could have easily been a song that was released back in the 70s, but it also works as a track that is released in 2016 and the credit all belongs to Shauf who bridges the gap between decades with an effortless manner. It’s no easy feat but Shauf makes it seem like it is, and there lies the magic of the track.

Memorable in every way possible, the throwback element to the song only makes the particular track more enjoyable and this reviewer for one can’t wait to see what’s next from this artist.


  • Darker Days (2009)
  • The Bearer of Bad News (2012)
  • The Party (2016)


Official Website: http://www.andyshauf.com/