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In the Sun with Eric Anders

5 Jun

Eric Anders strips down and drastically changes the tone in his cover of The Violent Femmes “Blister in the Sun.” The original peppy tune is almost unrecognizable here as Anders not only slows it down but brings a haunting feeling to the song, especially with his smoky, grungy, vocal delivery and his lyric changes.

For example instead of original lyrics “When I’m out walking/I strut my stuff,” Anders sings “We’ve been talking/it’s not enough.” It’s a very melancholy version of the song and it works on so many levels. It brings another level of meaning to the track and while both versions sound modern even today, the fact that Anders took a song from the 80s and changed it so much yet it still retains some of the original melody shows that the song is timeless and works in any decade.

It’s one of the best covers of any retro song to be heard, with strings only enhancing the new somber mood. And while some fans may be upset with the tweaking of the original lyrics, it really is a necessity with the new tone of the song. If listeners are willing to be open and appreciate new interpretations of classic songs then they will have no problem with Anders cover. In fact some may be able to identify more with Anders version.

Discography: More Regrets (2005), Tethered to the Ground (2006), Big World Abide (2016).

Official Website: http://www.ericanders.com/